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5 Benefits of Balconies on Custom Homes May 6, 2020

Bloomery, Hampshire
5 Benefits of Balconies on Custom Homes, Bloomery, West Virginia

If you’re planning a custom home, there are endless opportunities to include features that fit your lifestyle and aesthetic goals. As you consider the overall blueprint of your home, a team of professionals can help bring your vision of a balcony to life. Consider the following advantages of having one built onto your dream home.

Why Incorporate a Balcony Into Your Custom Home?

1. Increased Living Space

If you have a balcony built off your bedroom, for instance, you could use the area for outdoor crafting, reading, or enjoying a nightcap. Off the kitchen or living room, a balcony makes the perfect place for entertaining guests and enjoying outdoor meals.

2. Fresh Air

Most people spend a significant portion of their downtime indoors, but being outside has a number of benefits. Spending time outdoors can improve concentration, boost mood, increase vitamin D levels, and even promote accelerated healing. When stepping outside is as convenient as opening a door upstairs, you might be more inclined to do it regularly.

3. The Option for Gardening

custom homeWhether you have limited space on your property or you simply want a more convenient gardening space, a balcony is an attractive option for anyone with a green thumb. You can experiment with potted plants and herbs without having to trek too far, or try your hand at some seasonal flowers.

4. Visual Interest

Homes with balconies are commonly associated with luxury and timeless appeal. If you’re seeking a way to add visual interest to your custom home’s second story, consider where you might add a balcony. This feature looks gorgeous on both the front and the back of the home and is highly versatile. Choose among various types of materials, railing, stains, and paint colors to suit your house’s unique design.

5. A Place for Pets

While you shouldn’t leave pets unattended on balconies for extended periods, these features can give indoor animals opportunities to interact with the outdoors from time to time. Dogs and cats appreciate the ability to watch nearby wildlife, collect new scents, and lounge in the sun.


If you’re thinking about having a custom home built in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia or Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, turn to Hampshire Home Builders. These home construction experts have been serving the community for more than 33 years and specialize in exquisite custom houses and commercial buildings. See their gallery of completed homes online, and call (304) 856-3875 to speak with a team member.

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