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Take The Stress Out of Your Next Apartment Move With The Help of West Side Movers November 9, 2015

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Take The Stress Out of Your Next Apartment Move With The Help of West Side Movers, Manhattan, New York

Started in a studio apartment in 1972, West Side Movers in New York, NY, has evolved into one of the city’s most trusted moving companies. Offering a full menu of moving services, West Side Movers can take the stress out of your move to a new apartment.

Licensed by both the New York and US Department of Transportation, West Side Movers will get your belongings into your new apartment regardless of whether it’s located in New York or another state. West Side Movers will be as involved in your move as you want them to be. They will pack your belongings for you, or they’ll provide advice about the packing supplies you’ll need to pack your things by yourself. If you want to pack your own things, West Side Movers will even deliver the packing supplies you’ll need right to your door!

One of the most valuable moving services offered by West Side Movers is communication. Throughout the moving process, West Side Movers will be accessible to address any concerns you have. If your current or new apartment building needs to see proof that the company is insured, West Side Movers will provide a certificate of insurance for their review at no charge to you. If you need to have furniture taken apart and put back together in your new apartment, or if you need light fixtures taken down and put up in your new living space, all you have to do is tell West Side Movers and they’ll get it done for you!

If you are concerned about moving delicate items on your own, don’t be! Their team of experienced, friendly professionals has the experience to pack these fragile items with protective packing supplies and move them into your new living space unharmed.

West Side Movers will also put your belongings in the rooms where you want them to be when they arrive at your new apartment. Offering a full slate of moving services, West Side Movers is your best choice out of all of New York’s moving companies because they have the experience to meet any needs you have.

If you’re planning to book moving services, call West Side Movers today at (212) 874-3800, and visit them online. Their experience, expertise, and excellent customer service will take the stress out of your next move!

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