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A Quick Guide to the History of Pasta April 28, 2020

Westchester Village, Bronx
A Quick Guide to the History of Pasta, Bronx, New York

While almost every culture around the world enjoys a variation of pasta, the word is often synonymous with Italian food. However, even though it's a staple of the Mediterranean diet, the delicious meal actually has roots beyond Italy that go back thousands of years. Below is an overview of the long and amazing history of the pasta dish.

The History of Pasta

There's a popular misconception that Marco Polo introduced noodles to Italy, but pasta dishes were already popular before his famous trek to China. However, the concept of unleavened dough spread into sheets and cut into different shapes probably did originate in Asia several thousand years ago.

italian foodHistorians aren't quite sure how pasta made it to Italy, but many believe Arab nomads were responsible for bringing the delicious dish westward. Once noodle-making practices arrived in the Mediterranean, Italians refined the process and started using durum wheat, which has a higher gluten content and will last indefinitely after it's dried.

Today’s Italian Pasta

Italy's climate is perfect for growing a variety of vegetables and herbs, giving cooks throughout the country a wide selection of ingredients. Fresh tomatoes, garlic, and other foods became the foundation for the delicious sauces Italian food is famous for, and easy access to cheese led to some of today's most popular dishes. These innovations and the versatility of the noodles quickly made pasta a staple dish in Italy.

In the late 1800s, Italian immigrants moved to the United States, bringing their home flavors and pasta recipes with them. Today, every city in America features at least one restaurant serving up authentic pasta, pizza, and other popular Italian food dishes.


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