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How to Choose a Toilet for Your Bathroom Remodel April 8, 2020

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How to Choose a Toilet for Your Bathroom Remodel, Rush, New York

If you're planning a major bathroom remodel, this is an opportunity to get a new toilet. There are several options available, each with different advantages. Here's a breakdown of how to determine the right toilet for your bathroom.


To put a new toilet in the same place as the old one, you need to make sure it fits. Measure the distance from the wall to the back set of bolts. If it's 11 to 13 inches, you need a standard-sized toilet. Otherwise, you need a toilet designed to fit that space.

If you're willing to redo the plumbing, you have more flexibility. There are also compact options for small bathrooms. For example, you might choose a tankless toilet, or one with a separate tank designed to be installed inside the wall, to save a few inches of floor space.


Bathroom RemodelToilets come in a wide variety of shapes. They can be one solid piece, or have a separate tank and bowl. The bowl may be elongated or round. The round ones take up the least space, so they work better in small bathrooms.

You can also choose from different seat heights; taller people or those with joint problems may be more comfortable with a higher seat. There are also aesthetic differences between models, like the appearance of the trap or the location of the flush handle.

Flush Options

Modern toilets typically use less water than older ones. One example is a dual-flush toilet. This option has two settings: one for liquid and one for solid waste. The liquid option uses much less water. A single-flush toilet has only one setting, so it's less complicated to use.


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