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A Guide to Dental Crowns April 30, 2020

Rhinelander, Oneida
A Guide to Dental Crowns, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Dental restorations repair the look and function of your smile if your teeth have been damaged by decay or injury. A dental crown is one type of common restoration procedure that has numerous applications within the field of dentistry. Here’s what you need to know about it.

How Do Crowns Work?

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including gold, ceramics, resin, and porcelain. They are custom-made caps that fit over damaged natural teeth, protect the underlying tooth, and ensure the tooth has a stable chewing surface. They are affixed to your teeth permanently and are cared for in the same way as natural teeth—daily brushing and flossing.

What Dental Issues Do They Treat?

crownsTeeth that are weakened by decay or dental trauma, including cracks, can be fortified using a dental crown. In this case, the damage may be too significant to be filled, so the dentist will choose to enclose the damaged tooth in a much sturdier crown.

They’re often used in conjunction with root canals, especially when a significant portion of the tooth has been removed. Crowns also have cosmetic applications for badly stained or misshapen teeth.

What Can You Expect During the Procedure?

All decayed, damaged tissue is first removed from your tooth. Once the natural tooth is prepared, the dentist takes an impression of it. This allows the lab to create a perfect fit for your mouth. In the meantime, the dentist may place a temporary crown to protect your tooth. Once the final version is complete, the dentist will place it over the natural tooth and permanently fix it in place.


If you have questions about this or other dental treatments, Timber Drive Dental will be happy to answer them. Dr. Paco Fralick and his compassionate dental care team have been serving patients in Rhinelander, WI, over the last two decades. They provide restorative and cosmetic treatments, as well as general dental care, teeth cleaning, sealants, and even treatment of sleep apnea. Call (715) 365-1800 to schedule an appointment, and visit the website to learn more about their services.

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