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What Advantages Do Metal Buildings Offer? March 20, 2020

Asheboro, Randolph
What Advantages Do Metal Buildings Offer?, Asheboro, North Carolina

Crafted from pre-engineered structural steel, metal building materials are both highly accessible and affordable. For this reason, many property owners use these materials to build large storage structures, such as barns, garages, and carports. But low costs and availability are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits that metal buildings can offer. If you’re exploring your construction options, below are a few reasons why steel may be the best material for your upcoming project.

5 Benefits of Metal Buildings

1. Space Maximization

Many pre-engineered steel structures are designed so that they can remain stable and strong without the need for excessive central support columns. Without the need for columns, builders can enjoy more interior space to house farm animals, store supplies, or heavy garage equipment.

2. Speedy Construction

Since metal frames are less metal buildingcomplex and involve uniform parts that fit easily together, construction is a fairly quick process. This makes them a great solution if you have rapidly-increasing storage demands or need to finish construction before bad weather arrives.

3. Durability

Unlike other metals, structural steel used for metal buildings will not rust when exposed to moisture. And unlike wood, this material is not susceptible to wood rot, fire, or termite damage. The unique composition of metal buildings is also highly resistant to storm and wind damage. Metal buildings are also fairly low-maintenance and typically only require the occasional pressure washing to stay in good shape.

4. Versatile Design Options

Today’s metal building materials can be customized in several ways to create structures that fit your design preferences. For instance, they can be colored in any shade and crafted to resemble a variety of textures.

When it comes to the interior, metal buildings also allow you to select a flooring type that best fits your needs. For example, these structures can remain stable with a dirt floor if you’re housing barn animals. But if you need a dry interior, you can always give the building a concrete floor.

5. Energy Savings

Due to their increased depth over wood building materials, structural steel beams can contain thicker layers of insulation. This insulation helps prevent hot and cool temperatures from passing through the structure, which, in turn, helps reduce energy demands for heating and cooling systems.


When you want to maximize the potential that metal buildings can offer, turn to the professionals at L&G Buildings and Concrete. Based in Asheboro, NC, this contractor is equipped to construct barns, carports, garages, and other metal structures to clients across the East Coast. In addition to delivering strong and dependable results, this team will also provide extensive planning services to ensure that the final product fits your practical needs, budget, and style preferences. To learn about the sizing options and features of their buildings, visit this custom garage contractor on Facebook or call (336) 521-9787.

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