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3 Auto Insurance Tips for Drivers With a Foreign License April 3, 2020

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3 Auto Insurance Tips for Drivers With a Foreign License, Cookeville, Tennessee

Unless you’re remaining in a metropolitan area for a short period, a visit to the U.S. almost always requires transportation by car. But if you don’t have a domestic driver’s license, how can you get around? Luckily, you don’t have to rely on hired rides for the duration of your stay. Use these three auto insurance tips to find out how you can get behind the wheel and protect yourself from liability in America.

How to Handle Auto Insurance With a Foreign Driver’s License

1. Get an International Driver’s Permit

If you want to drive when visiting the United States, you’ll need both an International Driver’s Permit and a valid license from the country where you reside. This is crucial whether you’re planning on borrowing a friend’s vehicle, renting one, or even buying a car of your own.

It’s also important to note that you’ll need to secure the IDP before you come to the U.S. These permits will last for about a year, and they must be on your person at all times when you’re planning on driving.

2. Opt for Rental Car Insurance

auto insuranceWhile a permit allows you to drive in the U.S., it won’t cover the minimum auto insurance requirements for the state you’re traveling to. If you’re planning a short visit (around a month or so), the best option is likely to purchase insurance from the company you’re renting a car from.

This way, you can stop paying for the policy as soon as you’re no longer renting the vehicle. Rental car companies are required to provide the minimum amount of liability insurance required by the state, so you don’t have to worry about covering other people’s damages if you get into an accident. On top of that, you can purchase a rider that covers damages to the car you’re renting.

3. Consider Traditional Insurance

If you’re preparing for a longer stay, such as six months, you might want to consider a traditional auto insurance policy. This is especially easy if you’re staying at the same property or home throughout your visit, as insurers will want to see a U.S. address. These policies are often offered in six-month or one-year increments, so you can choose the coverage that works best for your stay.


If you’re looking for auto insurance during your time in the country, reach out to Lafever Insurance Agency of Cookeville, TN. They have over 30 years of experience providing cost-effective insurance policies, and they can help you find out what you need to get behind the wheel with a foreign license. To learn more about their offerings, including motorcycle and mobile home policies, visit the website or call (931) 526-3377 to request a quote.

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