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How to Check Your Tax Refund Status March 25, 2020

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How to Check Your Tax Refund Status, Lincoln, Nebraska

While some have to pay the IRS during tax season, for others, this time of year can result in a considerable refund. But if you’re eager to get money back from the government, you’ll have to first go through the standard tax preparation procedures and wait for your return to be processed. If you’ve already submitted yours and have yet to get your refund, here’s what you should know about securing the money you’re owed.

How Can I Check the Status of My Refund?

You can check the status of your refund on the website. To get these details, know your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, filing status, and exact refund amount.

This information is typically available about one day after e-filing or four weeks after submitting your return by mail. The IRS makes status updates nightly.

Why Is My Refund Taking Longer?

On average, individuals who file online can expect their tax refund to be direct deposited within 21 days. If your payment is delayed, the extra wait time may be due to:

  • Errors or incomplete information on your return.
  • Tax credits you’ve claimed and the time needed to process them.
  • Holidays and weekends interfering with bank processing times.
  • Someone stealing your identity and fraudulently filing a return under your name.

When Should I Call the IRS About a Late Refund?

tax preparationYou should contact the IRS about your refund if:

  • Your “Where’s My Refund?” result tells you to.
  • It’s been 21 days or more since you’ve e-filed.
  • It’s been six weeks or more since you mailed your return to the IRS.

What Are Some Ways I Can Ensure a Speedy Refund?

If you want to complete your return in a timely fashion and without errors, have it prepared by a tax preparation professional. E-filing and opting for a direct deposit refund will also speed up the time it takes to process and receive money from the IRS.


Supporting the Lincoln, NE, community for more than 30 years, PMC Tax Service LLC is a trusted resource for individual and business tax filing support. Taking a personalized approach, these professionals will accurately prepare your tax return to reduce the risk of errors to help the IRS process your refund in a timely fashion. They may also introduce you to opportunities—such as deductions and credits—to increase your refund amount. Visit these team members online to learn more about their convenient and affordable tax preparation services. Call (402) 467-5529 to schedule an appointment.

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