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3 Tips When Filing Roof Replacement Insurance Claims April 10, 2020

Marietta, Cobb
3 Tips When Filing Roof Replacement Insurance Claims, Marietta, Georgia

After a storm or disaster, a damaged roof can leave interiors vulnerable to water damage and pest infestations. If your deductible is significantly less than the cost of roof replacement, you should file an insurance claim to pay for the project. Follow the advice below to ensure it’s approved quickly and your property can be restored.

How to File a Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

1. Refer to Your Policy

Look at the conditions outlined in your home insurance policy. Whether you’re eligible for full or partial replacement is determined by the prior condition of your roof. How often it was maintained, how old it was, and what caused its destruction can affect your coverage. Older roofs that weren’t maintained regularly will be less likely to be covered by your policy, so make sure to keep up with repairs.

2. Don’t Wait to Schedule an Inspection

roof replacementAssessing the damage can be difficult and unsafe if you’re untrained and don’t have the proper safety equipment. Arrange for a roofing contractor to inspect the membrane before filing a claim. They will provide an itemized list of the damages and an estimate for the replacement. Including this information with your claim will help the insurance adjuster determine the settlement amount. 

3. Provide Before & After Photos

In addition to a roof replacement estimate and outline of the damage, include photos with your claim. If you provide pictures of how the roof looked before the incident, you’ll be able to emphasize the extent of the destruction. During the inspection, your roofer can take photos of the damaged areas to include with the paperwork. 


Filing insurance claims can be confusing, which is why the professionals at StormROOF Systems are eager to help you navigate the process. Based in Marietta, GA, these contractors will provide a thorough inspection to help you get the best payout for your property claim. To start the roof replacement process, call (470) 387-9997. Visit the roofing company online to see project photos.