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How Can GPS Tracking Benefit Victims of Violence? March 26, 2020

Cleveland, Bradley
How Can GPS Tracking Benefit Victims of Violence?, Cleveland, Tennessee

You may be familiar with GPS tracking being used for alcohol monitoring devices, but this technology has extended to help protect victims of domestic violence. Approximately 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men in the U.S. have experienced violence or stalking by an intimate partner, so it’s vital for law enforcement to find effective ways to provide help and protection. When applied to both the offender and the victim, GPS tracking keeps victims safer. The following guide explains the benefits of GPS technology in cases of domestic violence.

The Role of GPS Technology in Aiding Domestic Violence Victims

For the Offender

GPS devices are effective tools for preventing offenders from committing further crimes. If the offender crosses into a restricted area with an ankle monitor, law enforcement will be notified so they can respond immediately.

alcohol monitoring deviceStudies show that offenders are significantly less likely to re-offend or commit technical violations when wearing a GPS tracking device. When criminals know their actions and movements are being heavily monitored and recorded, they’re encouraged to control their behavior, abstain from violating restraining orders, and avoid committing new crimes. They’re also responsible for keeping the device on and maintained, as removing it or allowing the battery to die could lead to arrest and prosecution.

For the Victim

While GPS tracking is effective in alerting the police and reducing the risk of repeat offenders, the system can be even more valuable with a second device. Victims can choose to wear a coordinating GPS device that will even further reduce the likelihood of another attack.

If both the abuser and the victim are equipped with GPS devices and the offender comes within a certain radius of the victim or enters a restricted zone, such as a home or school, an alarm will sound for the victim and the authorities will immediately be notified.

Comfort is kept in mind for the victim as well. While the offender must wear an ankle bracelet that is difficult to remove, victims can carry their much smaller GPS device in a purse, pocket, or keyring. This system will help victims remain at a safe distance wherever they go and offer them peace of mind.


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