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3 Steps to Keep Your Tractor in Good Condition March 19, 2020

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3 Steps to Keep Your Tractor in Good Condition, De Kalb, Texas

Tractors play an essential role in everyday farm operations and help landowners take care of large properties. They’re powerful pieces of equipment that are built to handle a wide variety of light to heavy-duty tasks. However, for a tractor to remain in good operating condition, it requires regular upkeep. As such, there are several maintenance steps to follow to get the most out of your investment. Neglecting these can lead to costly problems, such as a malfunctioning alternator. Here are a few tips for saving money and extending the life span of your equipment.

Tractor Maintenance Guide

1. Wash It Regularly

Tractors are used to complete many dirty jobs and they accumulate a great deal of grime, dust, and debris in the process. This can get into the different moving parts of the equipment and cause a clog or rust to develop. Wash your tractor off  to remove all the build-up, but be careful to not get water in starter or alternator.  Rust can be a problem.

2. Keep Tires Properly Inflated

Tractor tires are expensive to replace. Avoid unnecessary damage by inspecting them frequently and keeping them inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Low tire pressure will not only decrease your fuel efficiency but also increase tread wear, which can result in early tire failure. 

3. Check Fluid Levels Often

alternatorJust like a car, tractors need several types of fluid to work correctly. Check these often and make sure they’re at a suitable level. If they look low, they should be topped off or replaced if there’s excessive moisture buildup. Each kind of fluid helps to protect all your equipment’s vital parts, such as the engine, transmission, hydraulics, power steering, and alternator.


If you believe there’s an issue with your tractor’s alternator or starter despite your best maintenance efforts, turn to Eubanks Auto Electric, Inc. They offer more than 65 years of experience working on these specific parts and are known for providing quality repairs. Based in De Kalb, TX, they’re proud to carry the largest supply of alternators and starters in the nearby area. Call (903) 667-2081 to request a free estimate. Visit them online to learn more about their services. 

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