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4 Ways to Make the Most of Self-Storage During a Move April 27, 2020

Wilmington, New Hanover
4 Ways to Make the Most of Self-Storage During a Move, Wilmington, North Carolina

Tackling a move calls for getting organized and taking stock of what you own. For many individuals, renting a self-storage unit is an easy way to make moving a more efficient and streamlined process. Having a secure place to store valuables during the transition will create flexibility as you move, and take the pressure off of moving all your belongings at once. To learn how to make the most of a storage unit while you move, learn the following tips below.

4 Tips for Using Self-Storage While Moving

1. Call Ahead

Making arrangements early for renting a storage space will ensure a unit that meets your needs will be available in time for moving day. Most self-storage services allow customers to make reservations up to thirty days ahead of time. If you discover you require more or less storage space than originally estimated, making plans early will allow you to adjust unit sizes with ease. 

2. Create an Inventory

self-storageDrafting an inventory for what you want to store will help you select the appropriate unit size. Take note of the nature of what you plan to store as well. If you realize you are going to store bulky furniture items and large electronics, you may need to consider a larger unit. This will also help you figure out what storage boxes you need to buy. This inventory should also include the general layout of where items are kept, so you can find keepsakes easily. 

3. Get a Climate-Controlled Unit

Whether you plan to store art, family heirlooms, furniture, or vehicles, these items and more will all benefit from a climate-controlled unit. Are certain materials or items sensitive to fluctuations in temperature or moisture levels? These considerations will determine whether your unit needs climate control features or not. Harsh fluctuations in temperature and humidity can warp delicate instruments, tarnish works of art, over-saturate electronics, and soften leather goods over time. To ensure your valuables remain in top condition, opt for climate-controlled self-storage.

4. Store Items Strategically

As you move into your new home, unpacking certain items over others will take priority. While filling your unit, place items like seasonal decorations and holiday china in the back and everyday essentials like bedding, clothes, and dishes in the front for easy access. For easy organization, take advantage of the vertical headspace in the unit and stack what you can, securely. You should label your boxes with keywords of their content so that you can easily access whatever items you may need. 

To make the most of a storage unit while you move, contact Leland Self Storage. In addition to providing unparalleled customer service, they exclusively offer fully climate-controlled self-storage rental units in the Leland, NC area. Take advantage of their large variety of storage unit sizes to house anything from valuables to vehicles and keepsakes. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their available units, or call (910) 399-4719 to speak to a customer service representative.