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Make Electrical Installation Part of Your Home Remodeling Process December 10, 2015

Lebanon, Warren
Make Electrical Installation Part of Your Home Remodeling Process, Lebanon, Ohio

Renovating a house can be overwhelming. The stream of projects can feel never-ending, and each project requires its own kind of expertise. How will all this work get done? From roof repair to basement remodeling, A Notch Above Remodeling & Repairs has the know-how you need to tackle your renovation. A Notch Above Remodeling & Repairs, Greater Cincinnati’s top choice of remodeling contractors, has experts on staff to address every aspect of home remodeling, including electrical work.

Renovations are the perfect opportunity to reexamine your home’s electrical system. Open walls and floors give you easy access to the wiring. From here, you can make sure that your system is up to code and laid out in a way that meets your needs. Making sure that your system is up to code is especially important when renovating older homes. Old, frayed wiring is a fire hazard, as are circuit breakers that were not designed to accommodate modern wiring. Electrical repairs that were not done by a professional also pose safety risks and are most likely not compliant with local building codes.

If you find that your new wiring plan is very similar to the existing one, and your existing conduit is in good condition, you may be able to reuse some of these components. This will save you time and money: two things that always feel like they’re in short supply during a renovation. Your electrical expert from A Notch Above Remodeling & Repairs will be able to advise you on which parts of your system can be reused.

When deciding on what kinds of changes you want to make to your electrical system, think about how you use each room in your home. It is important to think about the needs of the appliances and devices your family uses day to day. Rooms that require a lot of electricity, such as kitchens and home offices, benefit from the addition of extra outlets to avoid overloading. You will also want to consider what type of lighting you want to feature in each room, from glare-free task lighting in the kitchen and bathroom to soft ambient lighting that lets you set a relaxing mood in your living room. Once you have made these decisions, the team at A Notch Above Remodeling & Repairs will help you select the best home accessories to achieve your lighting goals.

Whether you’re renovating an entire house or a single room, A Notch Above Remodeling & Repairs will come up with solutions that are beautiful and within your budget. To schedule an appointment with a remodeling professional, call (513) 678-6287, or use the convenient online contact form.

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