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How Ink Cartridges Are Made May 11, 2020

Charleston, Staten Island
How Ink Cartridges Are Made, Staten Island, New York

Ink cartridges are essential components of modern printing. They release ink to create words and images. In this sense, ink is an indispensable part of contemporary life. Below, learn more about how ink cartridges are made and the various ingredients they contain.

What Ingredients They Contain

ink cartridgeFirst, it can be helpful to understand what goes into the ink that ultimately fills the cartridges. Black ink is compromised of a pigment called carbon black that is mixed with a base material of clear varnish.

For colored inks, dyes in various hues are combined with the varnish, and white pigments, such as titanium dioxide, can be added to lighten the color. Resins bind the ink together, make the varnish thicker, and ensure the finished product will adhere to a printed surface.

Surfactants and polymers are utilized as dispersants to make certain the ink can flow freely throughout the cartridge and onto the page. Other common ingredients include defoamers to minimize bubbling, humectants to retain ink color, and biocides to discourage fungal growth.

What the Manufacturing Process Is Like

The manufacturing of ink cartridges involves complex engineering. A wafer, which will eventually generate the heat that transfers the ink to paper, is surrounded by a barrier to which an orifice plate is attached. The orifice plate contains a multitude of tiny holes through which the ink flow is controlled.

These three layers are aligned around a central well that will contain the ink. Once they are fused, they are cut into the shape of a cartridge. Then, a cover layer is added to safeguard the cartridge from the potentially corrosive effects of the ink. A small circuit panel is bonded onto the unit, and the entire thing is encapsulated in a protective shell.



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