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3 Tips for Driving in Storms May 29, 2020

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3 Tips for Driving in Storms, Burlington, Kentucky

In the past decade, wet pavements and rain have caused approximately 1.5 million crashes in the United States, causing over 500,000 casualties. As such, it’s safer not to drive in stormy weather. However, if you are caught in the middle of a torrential downpour, stay calm. As long as you follow your regular car maintenance schedule and take note of the following tips, you can keep yourself and your passengers safe and reduce the risk of accidents.

Safety Reminders When Driving in Stormy Weather

1. Get Your Car Ready

Car maintenance is key to driving safely in a storm. If you dutifully schedule routine auto tune-ups, most likely, your tires are properly inflated, your engine oil is debris-free, and other parts are in good working condition, which all contribute to smoother driving. Your wipers and headlights are integral to ensure visibility during a rainstorm, so make sure you replace and service them regularly to aid you in seeing the road more clearly and finding cover when necessary.

2. Reduce Your Speed

car maintenance Burlington, KYRainwater can cause hydroplaning, a situation where your tires no longer touch the road because of changes in water pressure, resulting in braking and steering difficulties. Thus, slowing your car down is critical to preventing accidents. Apply pressure to your brakes earlier when approaching a red light to provide a buffer between the cars in front of and behind you, and switch off your cruise control to manage your speed better. Once you are safely out of the storm, consider scheduling car maintenance services to have your tires’ tread depth and pressure checked.

3. Pull Over to the Nearest Shelter

Never risk your safety by driving in low visibility. If a shelter is nearby, it is better to pull over and wait for the storm to subside than drive through heavy rain. Otherwise, pull over to the side of the road and switch off your engine and turn on your hazard lights. Avoid parking under trees, since these spots are prone to lightning strikes. If thunder and lightning are present and you are stuck inside of your car, keep your hands off of the metal components, as lightning can move through them.


No matter the weather, ensure that all your car parts are in good condition for safe driving. If you own an import car, it is better to trust the team at Superior Imports Ltd. in Burlington, KY. This import auto shop has been around since 1974, providing high-quality car maintenance services, such as engine and transmission repairs, to foreign vehicles. Their import auto mechanics are both ASE and Bosch certified, guaranteeing you only the best foreign car repair solutions and customer assistance. To book an appointment, send them a message on their website, or call them at (859) 586-7444 today if you have any questions.

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