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3 Clever Ways to Display Souvenirs May 1, 2020

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
3 Clever Ways to Display Souvenirs, Honolulu, Hawaii

Traveling offers the opportunity to explore new places, visit historical attractions, and make special memories. Many people collect souvenirs unique to the destination to commemorate a trip. Once you amass a collection, put them on display when you get home to remind yourself of your travels. Here are a few creative ways to show them off.

How to Put Your Souvenirs on Display

1. Opt for Open Shelving

Feature your treasures by placing them in a dedicated door-less cabinet or shelf. Displaying your souvenirs on open shelving lets you appreciate the details and intricacies of your collection, like unusual paintwork or unexpected textures. For the best results, place a single item on each open shelf so that every piece has a chance to shine.

2. Create a Wall Display

souvenirsIf you collect local art while on vacation, devote an entire wall of your home to those souvenirs. For example, you can line the wall next to the stairs with unique tiki plaques or masks. You can also hang colorful mosaics that best represent what you loved most about the destination. Get creative by mixing and matching colors to make a dynamic, eye-catching display.

3. Use Them Functionally

Incorporating the souvenirs into your everyday life will stir moments of fond remembrance of your travels whenever you use them. For example, if you purchased a beautiful, decorative bowl while traveling, place it near the entryway and use it as a catchall tray for your keys and change. If you brought home a wind chime, place it near a window, so you can hear the sounds of your vacation whenever the wind blows.


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