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3 Maintenance Tips for Metal Buildings May 11, 2020

Franklinville, Randolph
3 Maintenance Tips for Metal Buildings, Franklinville, North Carolina

Because of the insulated walls and roof panels to improve efficiency and the ability to retain value over time, many homeowners and business professionals invest in metal buildings. Although the structures don’t need to be painted and/or repaired regularly like wooden counterparts, having professionals tend to the following maintenance tasks will extend the life of your investment.     

3 Ways to Care for Your Metal Building

1. Add a Drainage System

During times of heavy rainfall, water can collect on the roof. Moisture can corrode fasteners holding panels together, creating gaps for air leaks. To prevent moisture buildup, have a contractor install gutters and downspouts. The fixtures will collect runoff and direct it away from the metal building. 

2. Schedule Regular Inspections

Franklinville-North-Carolina-metal-buildingsMetal buildings can be vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. Extreme heat and frigid conditions can cause parts to expand and contract. That’s why a contractor should routinely check for loose components and tighten the connections.

During thorough inspections, they will also spot and address foundation issues, apply corrosion protection, reinforce the framework, and perform additional tasks to ensure the structure is up to code. 

3 Trim Trees, Hedges, & Shrubs

Landscaping efforts can affect the quality and longevity of metal buildings. Branches and leaves can scrape against the surfaces, wearing away protective coatings. During bad weather, falling limbs could puncture the roof. Rust can form in damaged areas. Trim back trees, hedges, and shrubs, so they don’t rest on any part of the building.


If you want to erect a metal building, the team at New Horizon Buildings and Concrete, LLC is eager to customize your project. Based in Franklinville, NC, and serving clients on the East Coast and in the South since 2017, the metal building contractors are known for designing high-quality, efficient sheds, carports, garages, and barns and providing construction with a short turnaround time. You can start designing your structure online or looking on Facebook for inspiration. To get to work, call (336) 799-1106 for a consultation. 

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