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Which Hardwoods Work Best for Kitchen Design? April 17, 2020

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Which Hardwoods Work Best for Kitchen Design?, Norwood, Ohio

As one of the primary focal points of the kitchen, cabinets are an essential part of kitchen design. While the layout is certainly important, choosing the right wood type for your cabinets will have a major impact on the aesthetics and durability of your new installation. Here are some of the most popular wood species for cabinets.

Top 3 Wood Types for Kitchen Cabinets

1. Oak

With hundreds of variants of oak available, it’s easy to find something that matches the aesthetics you have in mind. Oak is also more cost-effective than other wood types, which makes it a great choice if you’re concerned about your budget.

Some oak has a coarse, uneven grain, while other types, like ridge oak, have a distinctive linear grain. While oak stains well, it isn’t as paint-friendly as maple.

2. Maple

kitchen designMaple is an extremely versatile and workable wood, making it a popular selection for kitchen cabinets. Its fine grain allows it to hold a wide range of stains or finishes, and it can be crafted into traditional and contemporary styles with ease. Thanks to its natural beauty, however, many people prefer to leave this lighter-colored wood in its natural state with only a protective finish.

3. Cherry

For an elegant look, cherry makes an excellent choice. This strong, dark wood holds up well over time, with its color helping to hide potential stains or nicks. This timeless look is typically paired with a stain that further enhances its reddish-brown color. Interestingly, cherry tends to become darker over time.


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