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3 Apps That Make Brushing Your Teeth Better May 11, 2020

Oxford, Butler
3 Apps That Make Brushing Your Teeth Better, Oxford, Ohio

Children should always take care of their teeth, but daily tasks like brushing and flossing are especially important when they have braces. Sometimes they need a little extra encouragement or motivation to stick to their orthodontist's recommendations. Thankfully, there are apps for that. 

A Brief Guide to Oral Care Apps

1. Disney Magic Timer®

This app collaborates with major oral health brands like Oral-B® and Crest® to create a pleasant oral health experience for your child. The app gives them rewards for brushing and lets them enjoy the Disney® characters they love.

2. BrushDJ

orthodontistBrushing for 2 minutes is recommended by most dentists and orthodontists, but it can be boring simply waiting for a timer to go off. With the BrushDJ app, you or your kids can choose a song and jam out to it while you clean your teeth. This app turns a mundane daily activity into a fun musical session to look forward to. 

3. Text2Floss®

This app puts you on a text-list that sends you oral tips every day. The extra information is great for staying well-informed and teaching your children. It’s free to sign up, and the app even rewards good habits with coupons for oral health products to keep your child motivated.


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