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4 Reasons to Smoke Barbecue March 17, 2020

Pierce, Clermont
4 Reasons to Smoke Barbecue, Pierce, Ohio

When it comes to flavor, tenderness, and a meal that really hits the spot, you can’t get any better than barbecue. While it can be prepared on a simple grill, the best method is slow-smoking. It not only increases the tenderness of the meat but also makes an already delicious meal even better. 

What Are the Benefits of Smoking Barbecue?

1. Alters Smell

Many restaurants burn hardwoods, like hickory, to infuse new aromas into the meat. When broken down by heat, the wood releases cellulose and lignin, so that we can detect the mouth-watering aroma. Each type of commonly used hardwood—like oak, pecan, maple, and mesquite—will provide a different aroma. 

When broken down by heat, the wood releases cellulose and lignin, so that we can detect the mouth-watering aroma. 

2. Enhances Flavor

barbecueYour barbecue can look and smell great, but what matters most, in the end, is taste. By slow-smoking the meat over a long time, the collagen in the muscle tissue breaks down, making the meat more tender. The heat also melts the fat, adding to both the tenderness and the taste.

The taste is changed by the smoke of the burning wood, adding new flavors to be enjoyed. When slow-smoked, the meat also develops an acidic coating that makes the food tastier, changes the way it looks, and adds a new texture.

3. Increases Health

When the barbecue is slow-smoked, it not only makes the food tastier but also makes it safer. The smoke eliminates moisture, making it a hostile environment for any germs. The acidic coating prevents bacteria from entering the meat, ensuring that the result is pure barbecue goodness.  

The slow-smoking process renders fat from the meat, so your meal is leaner and lower in calories. Eating lean protein helps you build muscle mass, so barbecue can be part of a well-rounded diet.

4. Preserves the Food

If you’re catering an event or bringing home leftovers, you don’t have to worry about your food going bad. By slow-smoking the barbecue, the meat gets dried out. The process preserves the food for longer, allowing you to enjoy your meal again and again. 


For authentic smoked meats, visit Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. They’ve provided Texas-style barbecue to Amelia, OH, for three generations. Whether you’re coming into the restaurant or having an event catered, you’ll be treated to slow-smoked ribs, brisket, and sausage that are prepared on-site.. To speak to their knowledgeable staff, call them at (513) 802-2700. To schedule a catered event, visit their website.

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