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3 Benefits of a Grease Trap May 1, 2020

Corbin, Whitley
3 Benefits of a Grease Trap, Corbin, Kentucky

If you own a business that serves food, you need a grease trap. This plumbing feature filters out fat, oil, and grease from your wastewater, so they don't go into the sewer or your septic system. With regular grease trap service to remove the collected material, it offers several benefits for your business.

Why Have a Grease Trap & Use Grease Trap Service?

1. Helps the Environment

A grease trap helps keep fat, oil, and grease contained instead of releasing them into the ground or local waterways. This is good for the environment because grease can form a film on top of the water that interferes with local wildlife. It affects plants, fish, insects, birds, and other animals in the area and is difficult to clean up. Keeping your business's grease out of the ecosystem helps preserve the natural balance of the area.

2. Prevents Plumbing Problems

grease trap serviceIf you don't have a grease trap or don't schedule regular grease trap cleaning, the debris that’s flushed down your drain can clog your pipes, or sometimes clog up the sewer systems further downstream. This results in significant plumbing problems that can be expensive to fix. It can also cause sewer backups in your place of business, which is a major health risk. A grease trap prevents these issues when it's correctly maintained.

3. Complies With the Law

Most cities and counties have laws about businesses releasing oil and grease into the sewer system. It increases maintenance costs for the city, so businesses that are found contributing to this issue can be steeply fined. You could even be shut down after too many violations. Protecting the plumbing and the environment complies with the law and saves you money.


To schedule grease trap service for your business, and ensure your plumbing is set up correctly to trap fat and oil from your kitchen, choose Cox's Septic Service in Corbin, KY. Serving Whitley County, these septic system experts have years of experience addressing plumbing emergencies as well as performing routine septic and grease trap service. They're also devoted to friendly and attentive customer service. Call (606) 528-4782 or visit their website to get started.

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