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What Are the 4 C's of Diamonds? May 13, 2020

Pittsford, Monroe
What Are the 4 C's of Diamonds?, Pittsford, New York

Choosing a diamond ring for a special event is exciting, but it can sometimes be difficult to know just what you’re getting if you don’t know how to asses the diamond. To make sure you select the highest quality diamond that fits your budget, familiarize yourself with the 4 C’s. If you’ve never heard of this grading scale, use this helpful guide to learn more before you start shopping.

A Guide to the 4 C’s of Diamonds

1. Cut

Cut is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a diamond ring. The more symmetrical a diamond’s edges and angles are, the more it will shine and sparkle.

Diamond RingA cut that is too shallow doesn’t allow as much light to reflect, diminishing its ability to sparkle. If the cut is too deep, light easily escapes and leaves the diamond looking dull. When searching for the best cut, stick to symmetry grades of Excellent, Very Good, and Good. Fair and Poor grades should be avoided.

2. Clarity

Clarity refers to how free the diamond is of blemishes and inclusions, or imperfections. While it is difficult to find a diamond that is totally free of imperfections, most of them can only be seen under a microscope. On the other hand, large blemishes that are noticeable will hinder light from reflecting off the diamond, even if the cut is perfect.

3. Color

The three common color categories for diamonds include colorless, light yellow, and light brown. Diamonds that are truly colorless are generally more expensive than diamonds that have faint brown or yellow tints. Rare colors such as blue, red, and pink are rated using a separate grading system and are the most expensive.

4. Carat

A carat, equaling one-fifth of a gram, is the universal unit of weight for diamonds. Jewelers determine this measurement by weighing it before it has been mounted on a ring. Although larger diamonds that weigh more are rare and generally more expensive, that is not always the case. If a heavy diamond isn’t cut well or has many inclusions, it may be more affordable.


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