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How Can I Protect the Office From Cold & Flu Viruses? May 8, 2020

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How Can I Protect the Office From Cold & Flu Viruses?, ,

Flu season can be a major issue in a bustling office. With people constantly coming in and out, viruses can spread easily and cause employees to get sick, slowing down the business in the process. With proper office cleaning and sanitizing tactics, you can ensure your employees stay happy and healthy this flu season.

3 Ways to Keep Everyone in Your Office Healthy

1. Promote Good Hygiene

Make sure your employees know that the office has a firm stance on good hygiene. Promote regular handwashing, have sanitizer readily available, and keep a communal stock of antibacterial wipes available so employees can regularly clean their desks, phones, and computers.

You can even hang up informational posters around the office that explain proper handwashing or discuss symptoms of seasonal illnesses. For an extra measure, supply employees with their own box of tissues and a wastebasket to keep personal germs more contained.

2. Hire a Cleaning Service

office cleaningGive employees peace of mind by hiring a professional cleaning company to sanitize the office regularly. Common areas like the break room, bathrooms, conference rooms may have extra germs and bacteria. All office spaces can benefit from regular disinfection, and hiring a professional who specializes in office cleaning is a great way to ensure the job is done right.

3. Encourage Employees to Stay Home

Let your employees know they should stay home when sick. Not only are they intensifying their illness by coming to work when they don’t feel well, but they’re also subjecting co-workers to potential illness. This can promote an unhealthy work environment and even lead to slow productivity levels. Give employees the option to work from home when they’re feeling slightly ill and offer sick days for those who need more intense recovery time.



If you want to give your office a boost this flu season, reach out to the experienced team of professional cleaners at Right Cleaning. Located in Brooklyn, NY, they provide everything from office cleaning and janitorial services to housekeeping and residential cleaning services. Whether you need bi-weekly visits or a one-time clean, they’ll properly sanitize the space and ensure you’re satisfied with their work. Call (212) 655 7153 or visit them online for more information.
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