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3 Amazing Ways to Bond With Your Baby May 6, 2020

Suffern, Rockland County
3 Amazing Ways to Bond With Your Baby, Suffern, New York

Whether you endured a pregnancy or your new baby was born via surrogate, bonding with your child is an important part of parenthood. There are plenty of ways to build a connection that will foster love and trust between you and your newborn. Here are a few tips for creating a lasting bond.

What Are Some Ways to Build a Relationship With Your Child?

1. Massage

A massage can relieve stress in babies. Since their body is fragile, make sure to use the proper technique, such as applying slow strokes and paying attention to their reaction.

This practice is well worth it, as a massage will release the “feel good” hormone oxytocin in both parent and child, which can be especially helpful after pregnancy. The baby’s level of the stress hormone cortisol will also decrease.

2. Touch

pregnancyBabies bond through touch. If you didn’t carry the child, you can still establish a connection through skin-to-skin contact. Laying their bare chest against yours helps them memorize your smell, touch, and voice. They’ll be comforted by the rhythm of your breathing and their cortisol levels will decrease.

3. Gaze  

Did you know that staring into your child’s eyes can actually sync up your brain waves? While this can definitely feel peaceful in the moment, it can also improve your communication with them as they age. This one example of how your interaction with your newborn can have a lasting impact on your relationship.


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