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4 Benefits of Glass Stair Railings May 31, 2020

Spring Valley, Rockland County
4 Benefits of Glass Stair Railings, Spring Valley, New York

A glass stair railing is a staple in any modern home. These features are made of tempered glass, which prevents cracking and minimizes damage. Custom glass railings have become increasingly popular in recent years for their clean appearance, lightening effect, and cutting-edge looks. Here are just a few of the benefits of glass stair railings.

How Glass Railings Can Improve Your Home

1. Durability & Safety

Railings are made from strong tempered glass, a substance nearly four times as strong as normal glass. Tempered glass is heated to 1,100 F, hot enough to melt some metals. It’s then quenched, or dunked in water, which causes rapid cooling and creates a surface tension that keeps it strong at all times. This material won’t degrade or break down over time, so as long as it’s kept in good condition, it should last for years to come. 

2. Enhances Other Materials

custom glassA unique property of custom glass is that it complements nearly any other material, whether it’s wood, brick, or plaster. Glass doesn’t distract from your walls or furnishings. It actually helps them shine through without hiding them. You can also opt for textured, patterned, or colored glass to suit the look of your home.

3. Easy to Clean 

With an eco-friendly glass cleaner and a soft cloth, spray the problematic areas to remove dirt and grime buildup. After cleaning, your glass will be as bright and sparkling as it was the first day it was installed.

4. They Open Up a Room

Light is absolutely essential in making a home warm, open, and comfortable. Not only is the custom glass railing slightly reflective, but it also allows light to pass through and amplifies it. This helps brighten your home and makes it feel open, airy, and light.



If you’re thinking of installing a glass railing or another custom glass feature in your home, turn to Monsey Glass of Spring Valley, NY. The experts have installed, replaced, and repaired glass for customers in Rockland, Orange, and Westchester counties for nearly 50 years. From shower doors to window replacements and storefront windows to custom glass orders, these professionals will provide fast, high-quality services. To browse their services, visit them online or call (845) 352-2200. 
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