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The Differences Between Frameless & Framed Shower Doors July 13, 2020

Spring Valley, Rockland County
The Differences Between Frameless & Framed Shower Doors , Spring Valley, New York

Your bathroom isn’t just a space to get ready for the day—it’s a space for repose and relaxation. When homeowners choose between frameless and framed shower doors, they should consider aesthetics, budget, and maintenance. Both styles are excellent options, but if you’re not sure where to start, keep reading for an easy guide.

How Frameless & Framed Shower Doors Differ


Frameless varieties are made of thick panes of tempered glass, so they don’t require supporting metal frames. Therefore, they add a minimalistic, airy look to a bathroom, which is a great choice if you want to highlight custom tile work in your bathroom or make the space feel larger.

Framed doors are composed of thinner glass panes supported by an aluminum frame, which can make a bold statement in your bathroom and complement other metal fixtures.


shower doorsBecause they’re composed of thinner glass and are slightly easier to install, framed shower doors are generally more cost-effective. Frameless doors may have a higher upfront cost if you need custom glass. Installation is more labor-intensive because frameless options are heavier and require special clips to keep them leveled.


You’ll need to add an extra step to your cleaning routine when you have framed shower doors. The track at the top and bottom of the door can collect water and debris, which will need to be cleaned periodically to prevent corrosion and mildew.

Frameless shower doors are less likely to develop these issues because they don’t have grooves that can collect water. If you want a low maintenance option, a frameless door is your best bet.



Take your bathroom remodel to the next level with a beautiful new shower door. Whether you’re interested in framed or frameless shower doors, the professionals at Monsey Glass in Spring Valley, NY, will work with you every step of the way to deliver exceptional quality and workmanship. To request a free estimate, call (845) 352-2200. Visit their Yelp page to leave a review or browse their services on their website.

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