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How to Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer March 16, 2020

Elyria, Lorain
How to Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer, Elyria, Ohio

You’ve invested a lot of money into your wardrobe, which is why it’s critical for your washing and drying machines to function properly. While washing machine repairs should be left to the professionals, the following guide explains how to care for your appliance, so it continues to perform as efficiently as possible. 

4 Washing Machine Repair & Maintenance Tips

1. Prevent Mildew 

If you leave the lid closed, any water that’s left in the drum can cause mildew. After you’re finished washing a load of laundry, prop the door open, so moisture can evaporate. You should also remove wet clothes promptly and try to keep your machine positioned in a cool room without direct sunlight. 

2. Don’t Overload the Washer 

appliance serviceFollow the manufacturer’s guidelines about filling your washing machine. Don’t cram clothes into the drum and force the door closed—the extra bulk could imbalance the washer, causing the inner basket to rock against the tub during rotations.

If the clothes don’t have enough room to move freely, the soap and water will circulate unevenly, and your clothes won’t get clean. Overloading could also damage the bearings in your machine, which could require professional appliance service, and it could destroy your flooring. 

3. Clean the Washing Machine 

You should wipe down your washing machine routinely, including the internal drum, agitator, lid, rubber seals, and outside surface. If you find anything sticky, use a hot washcloth and mild soap to remove it.

If you have pets or people in your household with long hair, you also might need to vacuum out fur and hair from the drum and around the seals—make sure the area is dry first, and use an attachment designed for fabric or soft surfaces to avoid scratching the machine.  

At most general stores, you can find washing machine cleaning pods or solutions. Use these products as directed and run the machine on a wash cycle while it’s empty. 

4. Replace Parts as Needed 

Most washing machines need to have their hoses replaced every five to seven years. You might also want to have a technician check the inlet hose filters and evaluate your washer’s efficiency. If you have any problems, schedule a washing machine repair right away, so the issue doesn’t snowball. 


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