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Why It's Crucial to Trim Your Dog's Nails May 5, 2020

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Why It's Crucial to Trim Your Dog's Nails, Manhattan, New York

Pet owners are responsible for performing or scheduling dog grooming to promote health. Canines require regular nail trims to ensure they’re ready to walk and play safely. The guide below discusses why this process is crucial.

A Guide to Dog Nail Trimming 

Why Is It Important to Trim My Dog’s Nails?

dog grooming New York City NYIf a dog has long nails, they may rip them while running or playing. While stripping away a thin layer isn’t a big deal, removing part of the toenail by snagging it on carpet may open up the center of the nail called the quick.

The quick is a bundle of blood vessels and nerves, and breaking into this area can cause significant pain and bleeding. Dogs with injured nails can require veterinary care to stop the bleeding and prevent infection.

If the nail goes untreated, the dog may walk in unusual ways to avoid placing pressure on the affected foot. Changing their stride can cause referral problems with the joints, so practice regular nail trimming as a part of dog grooming to mitigate this risk.

What Should I Do if My Dog Is Anxious?

When you grab the nail clipper, your dog may cower in the corner or even threaten to bite if you get close. Many pets are nervous about this activity because they may not like people touching their feet.

Dog owners can familiarize pets with nail trimming by touching and playing with their toes without the intention to clip the nails. Providing light paw massages can create a positive association with this dog grooming necessity. 

Owners who don’t want to cut their dog's nails or whose dog's behavior is challenging should bring their pets to a dog grooming specialist. They’ll have tools to grind off the nail and avoid nicking the quick. Plus, these experts are prepared to make the pup comfortable during this pampering session and will address the nails quickly to limit canine anxiety.



If your pup is nervous about dog grooming, set up an appointment with the experienced team at Pet Fashion & Grooming in Hudson Heights, Manhattan. The owner, Carlos Parra, has provided pet care since 1970. His team offers compassionate grooming and clipping, plus a wide range of pet supplies. Call (347) 726-9409 or visit their website for information on their products and services for dogs.

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