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4 FAQ About Purchasing Houseplants May 1, 2020

Midtown East, Manhattan
4 FAQ About Purchasing Houseplants, Manhattan, New York

Selecting a houseplant for your home seems like an easy task, but plants are diverse and require different needs to thrive. You want to choose the right flower or foliage that will work in an established environment; otherwise, it might not stay green for long. If you’ve never owned a plant before, use the following guide to help you pick a beginner-friendly option.

How to Choose the Right Houseplant

Which varieties are best for beginners?

When selecting a potted plant or flower for someone with little to no growing experience, stick to those that are resilient and easy to maintain. The cast iron plant is a member of the lily family and is a favorite among homeowners who love to incorporate some greenery but don’t have a lot of time for upkeep.

It thrives in cold and hot climates, which is perfect for New York’s ever-changing weather, and is rarely bothered by disease or insects. Similar low-maintenance options include mother-in-law’s tongue, philodendron, and lucky bamboo. 

Which plants are safe for pet households?

Unfortunately, some common flowers and plants are toxic to cats and dogs. If you have pets, make sure to get a variety that doesn’t pose a risk. African violets, spider plants, areca palms, and Boston ferns are all popular indoor varieties that won’t make your furry friends sick if they try to nibble on a leaf or two. 

Which plants thrive with minimal sunlight?flower

Getting enough light is often the biggest obstacle for indoor plants. If you have a well-lit home with plenty of windows, this shouldn’t be an issue.

However, if you only have a few windows and they aren’t placed in optimal areas, choose a plant that doesn’t mind low- or medium-light locations. The peacock plant, dumb cane, bromeliad, and the dragon tree prefer darker areas or can easily thrive from your indoor lighting. 

How do you care for houseplants?

All plants require some water, sunlight, and nutrients. The key to keeping them alive is determining how much of each. When purchasing a plant, you are already getting a well-draining pot and the right soil, but you’ll need to apply an all-purpose fertilizer every few months to ensure it’s receiving the essential nutrients. 

In the meantime, remember to water it at least twice a week — increasing this amount in the summer and decreasing it during the winter. Also, make sure it is placed where it can receive four to six hours of direct or indirect sunlight. 


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