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3 Mental Health Benefits of Watching Movies March 18, 2020

Falco, Covington
3 Mental Health Benefits of Watching Movies, Falco, Alabama

Have you ever watched a film so powerful it made you reevaluate your own life? Because of their immersive nature, movies can transport viewers to a different time or place in a meaningful way that resonates long after the credits have stopped rolling. Learn more about how watching films can impact your mental health for the better. 

How Watching Movies Can Improve Mental Health 

1. Providing Perspective 

If you’re feeling down, you may be inclined to watch a happy movie to lift your spirits. While this often provides an escape, research indicates that watching a sad film may actually help more. Plots depicting circumstances more severe than your own could provide perspective and remind you to be grateful for all you do have. 

2. Facilitating an Emotional Release 

moviesIf you tend to bottle up your feelings, try spending more time at the cinema. Because films primarily illustrate concepts through sentiment rather than intellect, they have the power to evoke a powerful emotional response in viewers. While the most compelling films evoke a number of emotions, one usually overpowers all the others. Horror movies evoke mostly fear, for example, while romances can prompt feelings of love, warmth, and fulfillment.

3. Offering Possible Solutions

They may be dramatizations, but movies can mimic real life in a lot of ways. In fact, some films may even propose practical solutions to the problems you're currently facing. If you’re unhappy with your career, for example, watching a movie about someone who risks it all to pursue their dreams may provide the motivation you need to update your resume and start sending it out. 


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