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Common Questions About Bed Bugs May 1, 2020

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Common Questions About Bed Bugs, North Hobbs, New Mexico

Bed bugs are among homeowners’ least favorite guests. Not only do they like to invade your house, but they have a special fondness for your personal oasis—your bed. To make sure you know when to call for pest control, learn more about these insects below. 

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions About Bed Bugs

What are they?

Bed bugs are parasitic bugs that feed on blood and leave itchy, painful bites on human hosts. Unlike ticks, which mainly feed on animal blood but may bite humans, bed bugs prefer people. They nest in bedclothes, the folds of mattresses, and the hidden corners of furniture. 

What do bed bugs look like?

Adults are small, flat, oval, and reddish-brown. They are about the size and shape of an apple seed. Those that have recently fed swell up like inflated balloons. However, bed bugs are prone to hiding, making them difficult to spot or to eradicate entirely.

Do bed bugs spread disease?

They are not known to spread diseases to humans in the way that ticks spread Lyme disease and roaches spread salmonella and gastroenteritis. However, their bites are painful and can result in itching and sores that can become infected if scratched enough.  

How can you tell if you have bed bugs?

Pest Control in Hobbs, NMYou may find the shells (exoskeletons) of dead bugs in your bedclothes. Living insects may scurry out of sight when you turn on a light. You might also notice their speckled, rust-colored droppings on your sheets. They leave a sweet, musty odor, and you may experience painful, itchy sores where they have bitten you. 

How do you get rid of bed bugs?

In addition to contacting a reputable pest control company for professional extermination, wash bedding, linens, clothes, and curtains in the hottest water available. Scrub mattress seams with a stiff brush to tease out stragglers, and place items you cannot wash in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes.

If you need reliable pest control services to rid your home of bed bugs, contact Taylor's Weed & Pest Control in Hobbs, NM. They are fully licensed and serve businesses and homeowners in and around Lea County. They also specialize in termite, rodent, and wildlife control, as well as shrub trimming and weed control. Learn more about the company at their website or call (575) 492-9247 to make an appointment.

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