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How Does Medical Transportation Work? September 25, 2020

South Bronx, Bronx
How Does Medical Transportation Work? , Bronx, New York

Ambulances are vital for when you need emergency transportation to the hospital. When you simply need a ride to a doctor’s appointment or other non-urgent care sessions, however, you should turn to a medical transport company. Here’s an overview of what this service covers. 

What Does Medical Transportation Include? 

1. Pickup 

Your medical transport company will pick you up from any designated location and take you where you need to go for day-to-day activities. Whether you need to see a physical therapist for injury recovery, have  chemotherapy infusions at the hospital, or receive long-term care for a chronic illness, such as dialysis for kidney damage, your driver will get you there promptly. 

They can also assist you with getting around to perform daily errands or pick up medical supplies. 

2. Boarding

medical transport companyMedical transportation companies maintain fleets of vehicles that are accessible for patients with a wide variety of conditions. Most vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts, for instance. Drivers can also help individuals who use other mobility-assistive equipment, such as walkers or crutches. 

They also allow you to bring an aide or a friend along for the ride. 

3. Return 

Once your appointments are finished, the drivers will take you back home or to another destination of your choice. All you need to do is call them to let them know you’re ready. 

This isn’t just convenient, comfortable, and private; it’s also safe. If you’ve had a procedure performed, for example, the driver can help monitor your condition on the ride back. 


Whether you have a chronic medical condition or you need temporary assistance, turn to Metro Luxury in the Bronx, NY, for help. Their experienced and compassionate drivers are available around the clock. This medical transport company makes it easy to get where you need to go. Learn more about how their team of drivers can help you by visiting their website, or by giving their office a call at (718) 665-4900.

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