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3 Maintenance Tips for Cobblestone Driveways May 1, 2020

Cranston, Providence County
3 Maintenance Tips for Cobblestone Driveways, Cranston, Rhode Island

A cobblestone driveway is an eye-catching embellishment that lends an air of rustic charm and old-world appeal to any property. But these kinds of driveways also have a few specific maintenance requirements that should be followed to keep them looking and functioning their best. Use this helpful guide to help you care for your stone driveway properly.

How to Maintain a Cobblestone Driveway

1. Sweep the Surface Regularly

Every couple of weeks, give the driveway a thorough sweeping with a standard broom. Clear off all dirt, dust, gravel, and debris, and pay extra attention to the small cracks between individual stones.

cobblestoneIf you have trees near the driveway, wet leaves can stain cobblestones if they're left on the surface for too long. Make a point to sweep more often after storms and during the fall season.

2. Scrub Away Dirt & Mud

Some dirt and mud buildup can be removed with a spray from the garden hose. But given the natural unevenness of a cobblestone surface, there are an abundance of tiny nooks and crannies where dirt and grime can stick and refuse to come up, even with a powerful spray of the hose. For these areas, use a mild dish soap, warm water, and a sponge or rag to remove the accumulation. Once all dirt has been lifted, rinse the entire driveway down with a hose.

3. Apply Sealant

Sealant is not mandatory for cobblestone because, over time, the surface will take on an attractive natural finish. However, sealant is excellent for repelling stains, which is a concern for any driveway that sees regular vehicle traffic. Oils, gas, and other fluids can drip onto the driveway and discolor the stones. Sealant should be applied to a clean, dry driveway in a thin layer using a paintbrush and light strokes. Wait 24 hours, and apply a second coat in the same manner.


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