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A Guide to Gravestone Finishes August 13, 2020

Kingston, Plymouth
A Guide to Gravestone Finishes, Kingston, Massachusetts

In the wake of a loved one’s passing, you have many important choices to make. Key among them is memorializing the person’s life in a befitting way. You may want to select a grave marker inscribed with their name and other details. When you work with a monument maker, you’ll need to choose a finish for the memorial. Here’s what you need to know.

Types of Grave Marker Finishes

MA grave markerThe four key types of gravestone finishes are polished, steeled, rough, and honed. A polished option will produce a deep shine. Because it’s so reflective and differs from the finishes on older stones, however, it may not be permissible in many cemeteries.

A steeled surface, by contrast, is smooth but sandblasted with a steel shot, which lends it a bright finish. Rough options have textured surfaces and are constructed with hammers and chisels. For those who favor a smooth finish without any shine, honing will produce that look by dusting the surface to eliminate the polished appearance.

How to Select the Right Finish

It’s possible to customize grave markers by combining more than one finish, which is helpful if you can’t settle on just one. For example, the sides may be polished while the fronts can feature a different look. You may also wish to check with the cemetery to determine if polished finishes are acceptable.

Consider your loved one’s preferences, too. If they wouldn’t have loved a glossy finish and may have preferred something more natural, you might consider a more rugged, textured option.


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