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3 Benefits of Installing a Well April 20, 2020

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3 Benefits of Installing a Well, Walton, Missouri

A well is an in-ground system that draws fresh water from the earth and pumps it into the house, where it can be used for drinking, cleaning, bathing, and other essential functions. More than 15 million American households have wells. Here are a few advantages of a well installation for your home.

A Guide to Water Well Benefits

1. Clean, Natural Water

In many areas, municipal water supplies are treated with chemicals, including chlorine and fluoride, which remove contaminants and kill bacteria. However, these chemicals also rob the water of some of its crucial nutrients, and they can alter the taste, as well.

A well installation draws water from the ground in its natural state, and you can decide which purification approaches—such as chemicals or filtration devices—to utilize. Also, the water tastes fresher and cleaner.

2. Dependable Supply

well installationA municipal water supply depends on the city's infrastructure. If there's an emergency, such as a burst water main, a leaking pipeline, or a contamination issue, your access to clean water is in jeopardy.

With a well, you have a dedicated water supply that is all your own. This also means that you can live off the grid without having to rely on municipal services and their associated costs.

3. Savings

Well water is free. Outside of the costs of the initial well installation and the occasional upkeep expenditure, there are no other expenses that come with well water. You can say goodbye to water bills entirely.

This can equal significant savings, especially if you have a large family or household appliances that use a lot of water. Some jurisdictions also allow for tax credits when you install a water well, resulting in further savings.


When you need well installation services in and around Potosi, MO, trust Marshall Eye Jr. Water Well Drilling & Repair Service. Since 1959, they have been performing water well maintenance, installation, and repairs. They also provide well inspections to ensure your system is working optimally and cost-effectively. Call (314) 541-6239 to request an estimate, and visit them online to explore their services.

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