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Auto Repair Tips: 8 Common Causes of a Check Engine Light November 4, 2015

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Auto Repair Tips: 8 Common Causes of a Check Engine Light, Honolulu, Hawaii

Most of us ignore the check engine light and think that it can't be that serious. If you let the problem linger, it can become serious and costly later on. Honolulu's top-rated Fantastik Auto Repair will let you know what to expect from the top few problems that arise after the check engine light appears and how much to expect to pay:

  • Faulty Fuel Injectors: Fuel injectors get clogged over time, so if this is the issue indicated by the warning light, a prompt inspection can save you some green, as the full repair cost averages $550.
  • Replacement Thermostat: The thermostat, which regulates coolant flow, can be stressed by extremes of temperature.  $210 typically replaces this component on average.
  • Spark Plug & Plug Wire Replacement: If your check engine light appears and the car begins to run roughly, a repair bill could save you countless dollars down the road on improved fuel economy.
  • Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor: A faulty MAF sensor will bring down your miles per gallon, and the average replacement cost is $410.
  • Replace Ignition Coils: Check engine lights stemming from ignition coil issues are best caught early. This $250 repair can save tons of money, as a full failure can damage other subsystems like the catalytic converter.
  • Loose Fuel Cap: A loose or worn fuel cap allows gas to evaporate from your tank and triggers a warning signal.
  • New Catalytic Converter: This repair can cost a daunting average of $1,160, but is typically only necessary if damage to the catalytic converter is caused by the failure of another system, like ignition coils. 
  • Replace Oxygen Sensors: The number one symptom causing a "Check Engine" light stems from a faulty O2 sensor. By neglecting regular check-ups, your car might be burning oil or slightly leaking compression. This can cause O2 sensor failure and a 40% drop in fuel economy, remedied by a $260 repair.

While some of these repairs might sound a bit pricey, preventative maintenance performed regularly save hundreds of dollars in long-term fuel and repair costs. Whether it's the check engine light or time for an oil change or brake service, call Fantastik Auto Repair at (808) 842-3777 to make an appointment today.

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