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3 Career Paths for People With Electrical Certifications March 25, 2020

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3 Career Paths for People With Electrical Certifications, Ewa, Hawaii

People with electrical certifications and training have a lot of options when choosing a career path. Technical skills gained from an associate or bachelor’s degree can lead to different advancements. Below are three routes to take advantage of and the skills needed for consideration.

3 Jobs for Those With Electrical Certifications

1. Maintenance Electrician

These electricians are integral for homes, businesses, and factories. They can install and maintain wiring as well as inspect electrical components like transformers and circuit breakers. They’re familiar with state and local building regulations established by the National Electrical Code and can direct and train workers.

An associate’s degree in electronics will teach you the skills needed for this position.

2. Electrical Drafter

electrical certificationsDrafters create the blueprints and technical plans for the electrical schemes of buildings, residences, and factories. In addition to designing strategies for wiring diagrams and installation instructions, they provide input and supervision during installation.

The technical job requires a two-year degree from a community college or a technical school to become familiar with CAD software and the fundamentals of electrical design.

3. Electrical Supervisor

These experienced electricians can lead an entire team on a job site. Along with supervising schedules and assigning work, these skilled electricians oversee the proper maintenance of equipment, compliance with electrical codes, and fulfillment of safety regulations. Supervisors will assist with electrical system installation and troubleshooting if needed.

Administrative duties, such as being in charge of purchasing supplies, planning budgets, and preparing cost estimates and documents, are common as well.

An associate’s degree in a technical or engineering-related field is usually necessary, but opportunities may present themselves after a successful apprenticeship.  


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