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A Guide to Eye Floaters March 18, 2020

Rhinelander, Oneida
A Guide to Eye Floaters, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

If you’ve ever seen a cloudy spot or line in the corner of your vision that seemed to dart away every time you tried to look directly at it, you’ve probably experienced eye floaters. These small obstructions are often harmless, but it’s still important to understand the causes, symptoms, and treatments and discuss any serious issues with your optometrist so you can minimize their impact. 

What They Are & What Causes Them

Eye floaters are small spots or lines that drift in and out of your vision. Many people notice them more when their vision is focused on one point for an extended period or when it’s exceptionally bright. These obstructions are small pieces of debris floating inside the eyeball’s vitreous humor, which is located inside the lens but over the retina.

There are several potential causes for consistent eye floaters. Commonly, it’s simply due to age. When people get older, the proteins in their eye can shrink and break apart. However, sudden influxes of floaters can be caused by eye disease or injury, including tumors, detached or torn retinas, and infections.

Prevention & Treatment

optometristA few floaters here and there shouldn’t cause alarm, though you should continue regular checkups with your optometrist to make sure there aren’t any underlying issues. If you notice a dramatic increase in floaters or if there’s any pain or loss of vision, get to your eye doctor right away so they can diagnose and treat any injury or illness that may be causing the floaters.

There isn’t a quick treatment for floaters aside from addressing the root cause. However, to remove them from your field of vision, shift your eyes up and down several times to move the fluid around. If you are seriously bothered by floaters over time, you and your optometrist might consider vitrectomy, a surgery that removes the vitreous and replaces it with a saline solution.


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