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3 Tips for Shopping at a Car Dealership April 20, 2020

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3 Tips for Shopping at a Car Dealership, Barron, Wisconsin

For most Americans, buying a vehicle is a significant investment. To save time and money at the car dealership, you should be informed and take specific steps before making a purchase. To find the car that’s right for you, follow the steps below.

How to Buy a Vehicle From a Car Dealership

1. Determine Your Budget

Before walking into a car dealership, figure out exactly how much you can spend. Otherwise, you may end up buying a vehicle you can’t afford. A rule of thumb is to allot no more than 25% of your household income to car costs. In addition to the purchase price and loan payments, account for expenses such as auto insurance, gas, repairs, and maintenance.

2. Research

Prevent impulse buying by researching before you arrive at a car dealership. Resources such as Consumer Reports® or Kelley Blue Book® are excellent places to get information about vehicles in your price range, including available makes, models, and styles. It’s also wise to get an idea of the safety features and other extras you may want to add on.

3. Test Drive

car dealershipThe optimal way to determine if a car is right for you is to test drive it before you buy. In addition to ensuring the vehicle operates properly, test driving will also give you a chance to adjust the seats, check the mirrors, locate the signals, and ensure you’re comfortable with all of the other essential controls of the car.


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