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4 Items You Should Never Put in the Garbage Disposal April 15, 2020

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4 Items You Should Never Put in the Garbage Disposal, Perry, Ohio

Having a kitchen sink equipped with a garbage disposal can make life much more convenient, especially when cleaning up after each meal. However, allowing certain types of foods to pass through your garbage disposal will result in problems that require the expertise of a plumber. This overview lists a few of the most common foods that shouldn’t go into the garbage disposal.

What Shouldn’t You Rinse Into the Disposal?

1. Coffee Grounds

Tossing used coffee grounds into the garbage disposal may seem like a quick solution, but these remnants have the consistency of mud and can put the device in a bind. Once they pass into your home’s pipes, the moisture causes the grounds to thicken even more. This creates a blockage that will likely require the expertise of a plumber to clear.

2. Pasta

If a stray noodle slips through the strainer and washes into the garbage disposal, there’s likely no issue. However, you may need plumbing repair services to clear the drain if you try to use the garbage disposal to get rid of more than a few noodles. Since pasta absorbs water and expands, the moisture in the drain can cause it to continue swelling and inhibit water flow.

3. Fat, Oil, & Grease 

PlumberYour garbage disposal might not be affected by oil, grease, or liquefied fat, but these substances spell trouble for your home’s pipes. As they cool, they return to solid states, trap other foods, and cause blockages.

If they create a clog in your pipes, you can try to run hot water to break it up. If the blockage doesn’t clear, consult a professional.

4. Bones & Seafood Shells

It’s safer to put these remnants in a disposable container and throw them in the trash. Even a small chicken bone or the fragment of a shell can damage your disposal’s impellers or get caught in the pipes. Once a piece gets caught in the system, it can cause damage and encourage larger clogs.


If you notice a slowly draining pipe or a problem with your garbage disposal, get help from E. Dake Ltd. The Plumbing & Heating Doctors in Perry, OH. These plumbers and HVAC technicians offer extended service agreements and 24-hour emergency responses. Call (440) 259-5997 to request assistance, and explore their services on their website.

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