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A Beginner's Guide to Hitting a Baseball March 10, 2020

Jupiter, Palm Beach
A Beginner's Guide to Hitting a Baseball, Jupiter, Florida

In baseball, it’s not uncommon to feel intimidated when you get up to bat. While hitting a quickly approaching ball isn't easy, perfecting areas like your stance, timing, and hand-eye coordination can help. Learn more about how you can improve your swing with this helpful guide.

3 Tips for Improving You Baseball Swing

1. Eye On The Ball

When preparing to swing, keeping your eye on the ball means you're not only focused, but you're watching and tracking the ball from the moment it leaves the pitcher’s hand to the second it arrives at your bat. With practice, it’ll get easier to line up your movements with the location and timing of the ball, making your hits more consistent.

2. Grip

baseballFinding the right grip takes practice and adjustment, but once you have it down, it will define your overall swing. When holding the bat, your right and left hand should be touching as you grip the handle.

Gripping the bat too tightly can lead to fatigue in your hands and fingers. This makes it difficult to get momentum, resulting in a weak swing. Remember to keep your grip relaxed. As you swing, the natural movement of your body will cause your hands to tighten.

3. Stance

Finding a hitting stance that provides comfort and balance is critical to hitting well. When finding your stance, keep your feet and hips shoulder-width apart. Ensure your head and shoulders are aligned with the pitcher, your knees are loose and slightly bent Rest on the balls of your feed for both balance and agility. Your stance should provide adequate plate coverage, allowing you to hit both inside and outside pitches.


Work on your stance, swing, and hand-eye coordination with the professionals at Line Drive indoor baseball in Jupiter, FL. Their 8,000 square-foot facility provides training for both hitting and pitching for baseball players of all skill sets. Contact them at (561) 283-6614 to schedule your cage time, or visit them online to learn more about their pricing and services.

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