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3 Ways to Boost Your Car’s Resale Value March 25, 2020

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3 Ways to Boost Your Car’s Resale Value, ,

If you plan on selling your vehicle, it’s often worth putting a little time and money into improving its appearance to maximize the resale value. A fresh coat of automotive paint and restored interior can help you close the sale or get a higher trade-in offer. Here are a few simple upgrades that can make your car more appealing to buyers.

How Can You Raise Your Car’s Resale Value?

1. Update the Automotive Paint

Some vehicle colors are more likely to attract buyers than others—and there are some surprising reasons why. For example, gold paint is found on a variety of body styles, but these cars depreciate more than others due to waning consumer demand. However, used gold cars are more likely to retain their value because they have already depreciated.

Brighter colors, including blue, red, white, and green, don’t lose value as quickly. The same is true for uncommon shades, such as orange and yellow. Choosing a more popular automotive paint color lets you address scratches and fading and help the car stand out in listing photos.

2. Fix Dents & Dings

automotive paintDents and other surface imperfections are more than cosmetic issues. They can also create small cracks in the paint that allow water to seep in and corrode the metal underneath. Over time, the corrosion can spread and weaken the car’s metal frame. Fixing these issues right away can help you prevent long-term problems that affect the car’s structural integrity and resale value.

3. Restore the Interior

A clean interior that looks like new gives buyers the impression that the car is ready to drive that day. If you smoke, eat while driving, or often have a pet in the car, then a quick cleaning may not be enough to revive your upholstery. Complete detailing to remove stains and odors from the seats and carpets will be worth the investment. Similarly, make sure the dashboard and console are clean and free of cracking or peeling.


 If you want to change your automotive paint and remove body damage before a trade-in or sale, trust C & H Body & Fender in Honolulu. They’ve been serving drivers throughout Oahu for more than 30 years, offering collision repair, dent removal, and auto painting services. The team works on all makes and models and can match any paint color to restore your car’s appearance. Visit their website to see a full array of services, and call (808) 841-3618 for an estimate.

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