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Do’s & Don’ts of Troubleshooting Your Printer March 11, 2020

Charleston, Staten Island
Do’s & Don’ts of Troubleshooting Your Printer, Staten Island, New York

Off-color images, blurry text, and horizontal lines are just a few of the issues that can arise with a home or office printer. These complex machines have a lot of moving parts, and problems with any one of them can interfere with productivity and results. There are common issues you can check for. Try the following and contact printer repair professionals if you reach dead ends.


Check the wires and cables.

A faulty connection is a common culprit of many problems. See that the power, USB, and Ethernet cables are all secure. If not, remove each and firmly return them to the inputs. If issues persist, try using other cables. You can also reset the unit by turning it off, unplugging all cables, turning it on, and then plugging them in again.

Check the cartridge placement.

printerIf your ink cartridge is jammed or loose, it may prompt the printer to send an error message. First, open the cartridge carrier door located on the front or side of most printer models. These doors usually have an emblem with cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

Next, lightly jiggle the cartridge to see if it’s loose. Press the release button on the top and fully remove it. Look for debris on the device and inside the carrier and clear it with compressed air. Return the cartridge and test print. If you’re still experiencing issues, something else is wrong with the device.


Start taking the unit apart.

These are complex and expensive devices. If you bend a roller or knock a part loose, the device isn’t going to work correctly. You may also void the device’s warranty with poor self-repair attempts.

It’s best to always see a printer repair professional. They’ll carefully look for signs of damage and can replace any parts as needed. This is a great time to also schedule a general cleaning to remove dust and other buildups that may be impacting the printer’s efficiency.

Neglect checking the computer portal.

Most modern printers connect with a computer software or internet management portal that will provide updates. These send dialogue boxes detailing the status of the printer. They may indicate a paper jam further inside the device, low toner, loose parts, or a lost Wi-Fi connection. Log into this portal and check for updates to ensure your printer is using the latest software.



If you’re dealing with printer issues, contact Alpha Laser Richmond. Based in Staten Island, NY, this device repair shop is proud to serve the New York City area. They offer printer, copier, and laptop repairs, as well as toner cartridge recycling services. They can also set up print management services for businesses, which you can explore on their website. Call (718) 317-1263 to schedule repairs.

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