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A Short Guide to Natural Stone Flooring April 9, 2020

Honolulu, Oahu
A Short Guide to Natural Stone Flooring, Honolulu, Hawaii

Natural stone flooring is a popular choice that comes in a variety of types, including limestone, marble, granite, slate, and sandstone. Before adding these tiles to your home, here are a few factors you should know. 

Understanding Stone Flooring Labels

Every type of natural stone has its own characteristics. However, all stone options share certain traits that determine their durability and ease of care. 

Absorption Rating

Absorption rating refers to how well the stone absorbs and retains water. The more absorbent the stone, the more prone it is to cracking and staining. Non-vitreous stone is the most absorbent, followed by semi-vitreous, vitreous, and impervious.

Granite and polished stones, such as marble and travertine, tend to be the most waterproof. Sandstone is the most affected by water and not well-suited to any damp environments, like bathrooms. 

Coefficient of Friction

The coefficient of friction indicates how slippery the stone is when wet. The higher the coefficient, the less slippery the floor will be, which is an important consideration when looking at stone for a kitchen or bath.


Stone tiles are rated on a scale of 1 to 3, with grade 1 tiles the highest quality they have a uniform appearance and thickness.

Grade 3 is the lowest quality and generally not suitable for flooring as the tiles have chips, cracks, or other imperfections. 

The Pros & Cons of Natural Stone

flooringNatural stone is attractive and can add a natural, rustic appearance to your home when you choose materials like slate or sandstone. Marble and travertine add elegance and sophistication. It also stays cool, is easy to clean, and helps reduce allergens in your home.

However, keep in mind that stone does require maintenance. It should be sealed regularly to protect against moisture and treated with care to avoid scratches and cracks.


If you’re considering natural stone flooring for your home, check out Flooring Specialists in Honolulu, HI. With over 25 years of experience, they handle the installation, refinishing, and sanding of tile, stone, and wood floors. Visit their website to see a gallery of their previous work, or call them at (808) 842-7755 to request a free estimate.

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