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3 Ways Wearing Gloves Improves Your Golf Game March 26, 2020

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3 Ways Wearing Gloves Improves Your Golf Game, Evendale, Ohio

If you’re new to golf, one of the first lessons you’ll learn is that this game requires a few unique accessories—such as a sturdy bag, tough tees, polarized sunglasses, and spiked shoes. However, as you shop around for these products, make sure to remember one accessory that is sometimes overlooked: the glove. Designed specifically for the sport—and often only worn on one’s weak hand—golf gloves play a vital role in how you experience the game. If you’re on the fence about covering your hands on the green, here are a few specific ways that gloves could improve your golfing experience.

What Are the Benefits of Golf Gloves?

1. Improves Grip

Even if clubs have gripped handles, they can still slip due to the sweat from your hands. When this happens, you can lose power and direction. Or, to overcome the problem, you might tighten up on the club and exert too much pressure on your swing.

Golf gloves are designed precisely to prevent these kinds of problems. Thanks to the moisture-wicking leather interior, you don’t have to worry about sweaty palms slipping you up. At the same time, the outer side of the glove will feature a texture that helps improve friction so you can maintain better control over your grip and swing.

2. Promotes Comfort

golf Cincinnati, OHWhen your hands are too cold, clammy, or wet, you’ll have a tough time focusing on your swing. In an attempt to protect your hands from the weather, you might rush through a swing and hit the ball at an unfavorable speed and angle.

Fortunately, many gloves are specifically designed for different climates. If you suspect rain, opt for a water-resistant fabric. If you’re worried about the heat, invest in gloves that offer strategic ventilation holes. If it’s cold out, stick to those that will keep your hands warm and agile—such as ones that provide a thermal grip or wind-resistant exterior.

3. Prevents Blisters

Due to the repetitive friction between your skin and the club, your fingers and palms may develop uncomfortable blisters and calluses when you swing without a glove on. In addition to making it harder to grip the handle, these injuries may hurt too much for you to control how you move the club. With gloves on, your hands will be padded from abrasive activity to keep calluses and blisters from forming.


Whether you’re a beginner on the course or want to improve your swing, Etter’s Golf Center in Cincinnati, OH, has all the resources to help enhance your game. To help you fix everything from your swing to your putt, this facility offers fun and valuable golf lessons for players of all levels. Before you get out on the driving range to practice, you can visit the center’s well-equipped golf shop to find the best accessories for your needs—including gloves. To learn more about their services and pro shop products, visit this practice range online. For questions about lessons, call (513) 563-8661.

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