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3 Common Copier Issues June 10, 2020

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Common Copier Issues , Staten Island, New York

Many businesses rely on their ability to produce high-quality copies to attract customers and communicate with clients. When their copier breaks down, it can bring business to a halt. To help you avoid that, below are some of the most common copier repair issues and how to solve them.

What Some Common Issues With Copiers?

1. Paper Jams

Paper jams often occur because the paper is the wrong size or has been loaded improperly. However, you can minimize problems by cleaning and maintaining the machine regularly. Make sure to properly load the paper into the tray to prevent future jams. Follow the arrow stamped on the tray and don’t fill above the indicated line. 

2. Toner Streaks

Copier repairSome copies emerge with unwanted toner streaks or lines. This could indicate a problem with the drum blades. However, a common reason is simply dirty scanner glass.

Carefully clean and dry the surface and, if you have easy access to the mirrors below, clean those as well. If the problem persists, the issue may stem from the drum blades, which is a component that only a seasoned professional should repair. If the blades are broken or beyond repair, a professional can replace them. 

3. Wrinkled Paper

When copies come out creased or wrinkled, it makes them virtually useless for any professional purposes. The usual cause of this is worn out feed rollers or moisture present inside the unit.

Open the machine’s access door and check for any bits of stuck paper that might be caught in the works. Remove lingering scraps and use a dry cloth to fully wipe down the rollers to remove excess moisture. If the rollers have an uneven surface or show a lot of wear, however, contact a copier repair service to replace them. 



If you need reliable copier repairs, contact Alpha Laser Richmond in Staten Island, NY. They have served all five New York City boroughs and New Jersey since their establishment in 1993. They also offer printer and laptop repair, as well as print management services. They carry accessories like laser toner cartridges at a reasonable cost. Visit their website to learn more about their products or call (718) 317-1263 to schedule a repair. 

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