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4 FAQ About Pediatric Home Care April 3, 2020

Suffern, Rockland County
4 FAQ About Pediatric Home Care, Suffern, New York

If you're looking for work as a nurse, pediatric home care is an often-overlooked option you should consider. There are many pediatric home care jobs available, which provide a valuable service for families and many benefits for you. Here's what you need to know to see if the field is right for you.

A Guide to Pediatric Home Care

What is pediatric home care?

This job involves providing daily care for infants, children, and teens with medical needs. Depending on the child's specific condition and the family's circumstances, you may be there for a few hours each day or the entire day. Each job is different, but all allow you to invest time, care, and attention into the life of one patient in need.

What duties are involved?

Pediatric Home CareWhen providing home care, you'll observe and chart the child's progress or any medical issues they're having. You'll also administer medication and provide other nursing services as needed. You'll help in the creation of the child's care plan and have input about how it should bee integrated with their daily schedule, improving the quality of life for your young patient.

Who needs these services?

Most children in need of long-term home nursing care are suffering from chronic conditions and illnesses. They may have physical disabilities, genetic disorders, or chronic problems related to injury or illness. The goal of care may be recovery, providing palliative care, or it may be looking for ways to manage the symptoms of a lifelong disorder.

What are the benefits?

One of the biggest benefits is emotional fulfillment. You will be making a major difference in the life of a child who needs your help. There's also excellent job security, since seeing one patient long-term is usually better for the child, and you'll work closely with the family. Salaries and compensation packages also tend to reflect the highly skilled and caring nature of this work.



If you're interested in providing pediatric home care in Rockland County, NY, choose J&D Ultracare. Based in Suffern, NY, we’re the area's leading home health care agency, offering nurses secure positions with significant benefits, education opportunities, and flexible scheduling possibilities. Call (845) 357-4500 or visit us online to learn more about joining our team.

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