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Should You Get Central Air Conditioning Installation or Window Units? April 1, 2020

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Should You Get Central Air Conditioning Installation or Window Units?, Cleveland, Georgia

Spring is the perfect time of year for air conditioning installation so your home will be ready before the hot weather. Your HVAC contractor can either add a small window unit or a central air conditioning system to keep your home cool and comfortable. Each of these approaches has advantages that make them ideal for different homes.

Central Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning InstallationIf you already have a central HVAC system complete with ductwork, this is the clear choice. If you don't, adding one is still a possibility. Central air conditioning is a larger investment, especially if you have to add air ducts, but once it's in place, it saves you money thanks to being more energy-efficient.

A central unit cools the whole home, not just the room where it's installed. It's usually the better choice if you own the home and want to invest in making it more comfortable and valuable.

Window Unit Installation

Window units are more portable and temporary than central systems. They're easy to install and don't require ducts to function. This means that they can only cool one or two rooms effectively. However, having separate areas of the home with their own window units allows you to adjust for multiple people with different temperature preferences.

Window units also allow you to cool only the rooms you need at any given time. They’re also inexpensive to install, and if you don't own the home, they're easy to take with you when you go.


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