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Why you Should Update to 6-Inch Gutters April 7, 2020

Hamilton, La Crosse County
Why you Should Update to 6-Inch Gutters, Hamilton, Wisconsin

Recent trends for Wisconsin rainfall have been heavy and fast, equaling to an all-day trickle. Although many homeowners could previously maintain 5-inch gutters without much clogging or sagging, upgrading to 6-inch rain gutters is necessary for holding the recent amount of rainfall. Consider the following reasons for updating your system this spring to protect your home from water damage.

3 Reason to Install 6 Inch Rain Gutters

1. Larger Roofs

Although 6- to 7-inch rain gutters are typically used on commercial or industrial buildings, they’re also ideal for homes with large roofs and a greater surface area to drain. 6-inch troughs handle more water than 5-inch systems, and prevent roofs from holding rain. The ability to store more water in your gutters will help you avoid leaks through the tiles, the sidings, or windows.

2. High Pitched

rain guttersSteep or high pitched roofs shed water quicker than a typical slanted or flat roof. Since water accumulates faster in the rain gutter channel, leaves and debris can clog the downspout quicker in a 5-inch system.

Oversized troughs help improve flow on houses with steeped roofs. Larger rain gutters assist with preventing pooling water. Where rooflines are configured in one place, 6-inch troughs can better direct rain towards the downspouts, making it unlikely clogs or sagging will occur. 

3. Longevity

Long stretched systems, also known as “long gutter runs,” of 40 feet or more have difficulty draining without multiple downspouts. If a contractor can’t install another downspout due to lack of space, a 6-inch system is ideal. It will provide more water capacity per linear foot of guttering. Extra space for water to sit will prevent moldy shingles and excess moisture from accumulating around windows and walls.


If you need new 6-inch rain gutters for your home, the professionals at Advanced Seamless Inc. in West Salem, WI will help. This reputable company has demonstrated excellence for over 28 years by providing competitive prices and outstanding customer service. Whether you need comprehensive maintenance, installation, or gutter system repairs, they’ll ensure your system is working for years. Call (608) 786-2929 to request a free quote, or visit their website for more information. 

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