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How to Store Hand-Me-Downs for Your Next Child April 3, 2020

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How to Store Hand-Me-Downs for Your Next Child, Anchorage, Alaska

Babies grow fast. Before you know it, your little one is standing up, running around the house, and exploring the world. However, if you're planning for another one in the future, hang on to your first baby's belongings after they've outgrown them. Instead of cluttering the house, you can place these items in a storage unit for safekeeping after preparing them properly.

Baby Clothing

Just as you would with your own garments, make sure to wash all of the baby clothes you plan to put into the storage unit. Stains and bits of food could otherwise contribute to odors or even mold that would render the pieces useless. As you sort through everything, toss the items that won't be useful to your next child, such as damaged pieces or anything your little one didn't find comfortable.

storage unitNext, create individual piles based on size, beginning at 0 to 3 months and progressing from there. By doing this, you'll have a much easier time finding what you need. Place everything in plastic containers so they stay fresh and dry, and add specific labels to the boxes, being as detailed as possible with information such as the size and season.

Other Essentials

You'll likely want to hang on to plenty of other items as well, including your crib and stroller. Once your little one is walking on their own, prepare the stroller for the storage unit by wiping it down completely, so it's free of dirt and debris. Then, fold it carefully so it occupies as little space as possible. For extra protection, cover it with a bedsheet so it remains dust-free.

Although your little one's crib may have been tricky to assemble, you'll need to take it apart if it's going into storage. Remove all of its connective bolts and screws first, then place them in labeled plastic baggies. You may also want to take pictures during the process so you can remember where everything goes during reassembly. Then, detach the sides and the back of the crib, along with the mattress, which should be kept in a crib mattress box.


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